About Hallberg

Hallberg Group, is an expanding group of companies that relieves, supports and strengthens businesses and organizations.

Our seven business areas will help you to focus on your core business, by offering cost-effective products and services with a high level of service.

As a customer of Hallberg Group are you in safe hands, our team is made up of experienced staff that gives you a high and fast service. We work with modern technology that gives you stability and high reliability in all services. When you choose Hallberg Group as a supplier, you can always be sure that you have a business to grow with and a partner that will provide your company‘s success, both today and tomorrow!

Hallberg Group is currently with offices in Gothenburg, Osby and Stockholm. Gothenburg office is located at the World Trade Center, close to the Swedish Exhibition Centre and Liseberg. The environment is creative, and bursting with energy and innovation. Sales offices are located in Stockholm.

Warmly welcome to Hallberg Group

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Björn Hallberg, COO

Björn Hallberg - COO